Tuesday, June 22, 2010

UFO Sighting--in no way am I kidding

So, as it turns out, UFOs are real. I passionately wish I had a picture to include with this post.

We're down to five reps in our office so we all ride in the same car each day. Each day we vote on who had the coolest experience of the day, the winner receives recognition in the form of "Shark Points". Well today we had to resort to a tie-breaker because we all shared the coolest exorience of the summer. We spotted a UFO on the way home from selling.

Stop shaking your heads! I am not joking! I have four witnesses that will corroborate my story (that is, if the aliens haven't gotten to them already.)

So there we were, on the road between Nashville, IL (yes, IL) to St. Louis, MO, and right near Collinsville, the guys in the backseat start saying things like "what is that?" "is it a helicopter?" "it doesn't look like any helicopter I've ever seen." I turned around (I was in shotgun) and I was seriously SHOCKED.

The ship was above a field about 80 feet in the air. At this point we had passed it and I was looking at it from behind as we were driving away. It was iike a circular disc with four protrusions, each of them with exterior lights, each protrusion a different color. It was hovering, moving slowly, and rotating.
We quickly lost sight of it since we were on the freeway but before long it had crossed to the other side of the freeway and was once again visible to our left. Maintaining the same altitude, still rotating. We rounded a bend and it was out of view for good.

I'll always be sad that we didn't turn around and go investigate.

For the record, this thing was not big. It was thin looking and about as big around as an average backyard swimming pool. So now I, and you, will forever have to wonder, what was that?

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