Monday, June 14, 2010

Meet Robert Wadlow


Robert Pershing Wadlow was know as Alton's Gentleman Giant. He lived in Alton, IL most of his life. Peter found out that this man lived not too far away from us, and that there was a memorial site for him there. Of course, we were off to meet this huge man within days.

Robert was born on February 22, 1918. At age five Robert was 5'6" tall and wore clothes that would fit most 17 year olds. At age ten Robert was 6'5" tall and weighed over 200 pounds making him the largest boy scout in the world. And at age 14 he was 7'4" tall. Robert died July 15, 1940 at a height of 8'11.1" tall and a weight of 490 pounds. He was a very active part of his community, known for his positive attitude and gentle manner.

In November 1939, Robert was on a business trip where he met Mr. C. L. Smith, president of Galax Furniture Co. Smith noticed the blatant discomfort Robert experienced when sitting in a normal-sized chair, so he decided to build Robert a chair that would attend to his unusual needs. This chair was used in Robert's home until his death. At the memorial site they have a life-size statue of his chair. It really was huge!

Robert Wadlow is the tallest man who ever lived. I enjoyed learning all about his life, I almost feel like he is one of my friends now. I'm glad Alton, IL decided to let the legacy of this man live on forever.

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