Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No One Mourns the WICKED!

Let me begin by saying, once again, my husband is AMAZING!! =D Secondly, if you have not seen this really is time to fix that.

This is the billboard I longingly looked at every time we drove by on the freeway. However, this time we were in stand still traffic as we passed it, on our way to the show! I didn't realize we were going the opening week, so the roads were packed and the show was sold out. When we finally snagged a parking place we shuffled along to the theatre surrounded by hundreds of other Wicked lovers with anticipated smiles plastered on their faces. Peter decided to try and run across the street when it wasn't his turn and almost got taken out by a car. Luckily he has cat-like reflexes and managed to jump out of the way, apparently he was little more excited than I thought.
A random woman outside the theater offered to take our picture. Ironically, the theatre I saw Wicked at, in Atlanta, was also called Fox Theatre. However, this theatre was unlike any theatre I have ever seen. It was absolutely gorgeous! As we walked in to take our seats we couldn't take our eyes off the walls and the ceilings, they were amazing. I wish I had some more pictures of the actual theatre. I took one (the one underneath this text) and forgot to turn off the flash. Immediately, a Nazi theatre woman came tromping up the stairs searching for the person who belonged to the flash she just saw. I quickly hid my camera. After her search failed miserably, I put away my camera just in case she came back. But if you look at the carving above the stage, this is what every inch of the theatre looked like. It might not look all that great here, but it was the most beautiful theatre I have ever seen, it made the experience that much more magical just because we were in that brilliant theatre!
The show was amazing, as to be expected, and Peter seemed to think it lived up to all the hoopla that comes along with it. The two other times I have seen the show there have been certain things or members of the cast that ended up disappointing me. For example, in the first show Glinda spoke almost all of her songs. It was quite obvious that she didn't have the voice for that part, even though her acting was phenomenal it was a bit disappointing. The second time I saw it Fiyero completely stole the show, and you might be asking why that would be a bad thing, but the rest of the leads seemed so untalented when compared to him. Don't get me wrong, both of those shows were amazing and I am definitely not complaining, but for you to understand just how satisfied I was with this performance, I have to bring out the little things I disliked about the others.
This cast was perfect. Every lead was absolutely amazing in their own way. The woman who played Glinda sounded almost exactly like Kristin Chenoweth and Elphaba was a power house. The dancers were gorgeous and the acting was flawless. The third time truly is the charm and I am so glad Peter decided to surprise me with such an amazing night. We had a blast and it was a wonderful 4 month anniversary. I think I will quit while I am ahead and make this the last time I pay money to see Wicked on stage. Maybe next time I will actually be in it... =D


  1. Lucky!!!

    Pete still stuck on the name Fox???? I voted Foxley for a girl.

  2. I don't think there is ANY talking him out of that one, he has his heart SET on it. Sometimes I wonder what I have gotten myself into when I think about it. Other times, I actually think its kinda cute. HaHa =D