Friday, June 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Last weekend Peter and I had the opportunity to drive to Tennessee and visit my family! Another perk to being here in St. Louis is that we are only 5 hours away from my home town. Living in Utah has been hard at times because I am so far away from home and I feel like there is no chance for me to stay involved with my family, besides over the phone. I miss so many important milestones in my siblings lives and feel like every time I visit they are way more grown up than they should be. However, I have to be grateful for the time I do get to spend with them, and last weekend was a very successful and well-needed visit!

At first the plan was for me to drive to Tennessee alone because Peter thought he was going to have to work on Memorial Day. Luckily, Linx decided to let everyone have a holiday and Peter joined me. Besides the fact that last weekend was Memorial Day weekend, we decided to go this particular weekend because my youngest sister, Katie, was performing three numbers in her dance recital. The last time I saw Katie dance she was at that awkward "she's so cute because she can't really dance, but at least she is trying" stage. I knew she would be better this year because she has been practicing so hard. However, I was not prepared for just how much Katie has improved. She was absolutely gorgeous! I honestly had to hold back tears because of how grown up and talented my baby sister has become. I am so excited for her to continue learning and growing, and I know she has the drive and talent to go far. From day one my family has been calling Katie a mini-Kortney, and it is so true. She aspires to be everything I wanted to be at that age and I know she was born with the same passion I was born with. I am so excited to see what she accomplishes.

I think Peter even enjoyed himself. Katie and Whitney seriously ADORE Pete! Its so cute!! =D

Besides the dance recital the weekend consisted of playing boardgames:
hanging out with Ali, Stephanie, and Brent:

going to war memorials and battle sites:

church, the movies and just catching up. It was such a relaxing and fun weekend! I really hope we have another opportunity to visit while we are so close to home.


  1. I love the picture of you, Whitney, Katie and Pete! Very cute!

  2. You forgot to put Luna's name under the picture that she's in. She's such a cute kitty!

  3. AHHHHHH KITTY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to hold her!!!!!! Blah Blarg... brrrrggg..... im going crazy!