Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Craft Time!!

I have been working on the nursery for quite a LONG time, and I am not even close to being done. It took me so long to choose bedding and I felt like I could not move forward with anything else until I had bedding. So, FINALLY I chose bedding (it arrived today =D) and now I am on my way to progressing in the nursery. Yay! Stay tuned for nursery pictures, probably after baby girl is born, if I am being honest, but I promise they will come eventually.

Even though there were many things about the nursery that I had a hard time deciding on, I knew that I wanted to make THIS as soon as I saw it. This was my first nursery craft, and I am really happy with how it turned out. I'm not as happy about how much is cost. I had NO idea ribbon was SO expensive, but it's cute so I guess it's alright. Here is the one I made:

Ultimately, these are the colors of my nursery as well: purple, green, and white. This wreath is on the outside of baby girl's door right now, but it might move inside the nursery once I am all finished, we'll just have to see.

The second craft I have recently done was for Peter's birthday yesterday. THIS is an idea I got off of Pinterest, when I saw it I knew Peter would like it because he LOVES dreaming about all the cool things that he wants to do and see in his lifetime. I also thought it would be a cute way to display some of the things we are interested in seeing and doing together. It's not quite done yet, but it's done enough to get the point across.

The idea is to display the things on your "Bucket List" inside the frame, then when you have completed one of them, you put it inside the bucket. I am still going to add a few things to it, but it's basically done. I think Peter really liked it! =D

Finally, I want to give a crafting shout out to Peter's mom. For Peter's birthday his mom made him a Humor U t-shirt quilt. This quilt includes all the t-shirts that Humor U has made and given out at their shows during the time Peter has been involved with the club. If you haven't heard Peter's comedy you should really search YouTube for his stuff, he is REALLY funny!! I think this quilt turned out SO great, and Peter's mom is very talented.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in making Peter's birthday special, he really appreciates all of you. I will have to post some pictures from his day some other time. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER!! I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I learned something this year...if you are not single or you don't have kids, Halloween is kind of lame. As I see it, there are only two types of things to do on Halloween: go to a Halloween party to dance and pick up on the opposite sex (for single people, of course), or go to your ward Halloween party to trunk-or-treat (for kids). I'm sure there are some really cool newly weds throwing fun parties out there, but I guess we missed all of those. So, Halloween rolled around and I was really excited to find a fun costume that utilized my HUGE belly...but then I realized, even if I found an awesome costume, I would have no where to wear it. To top it all off, I learned that Peter was scheduled to work on Halloween night and I knew for sure that this Halloween was going to be VERY uneventful.

But you know me, always making the best of things. Ha. My work was having a little Halloween themed treat day, so I decided I was going to take advantage of the situation and use this Halloween to try some of the fun Pinterest treat ideas I have found. Doing this made Halloween much more fun for me, even though it might have made me that much more of a loser, considering I had nothing better to do on Halloween then make pinterest treats. But they are just so dang cute!

First, I finally made the Owl Cupcakes I fell in love with at first site:

Then, I decided to give these creepy, cute Halloween Snakes a try:

These were both a HIT at work, and really fun to make. The snakes took a bit more time then I expected, but the Owls were really fast and easy. And it was good to finally complete some of the fun things I have found on Pinterest instead of just imagining myself being crafty. I actually made a ribbon wreath for baby girl's room, too...I will have to post pictures of that later. Ultimately, my Halloween wasn't awful after all, and it was all worth it to see Peter go off to work dressed like this:

Isn't he cute?? =D If you didn't know, Peter is now a HOTT waiter!! He recently got a job a Carrabba's and he is just doing GREAT!!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Halloween!!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Baby Update!!

I think it is about time for an update, what do you think? Things have been pretty good lately. Our lives are pretty consumed with getting ready for our baby girl to arrive, and we are extremely excited to meet her! I am almost 34 weeks along. I can't believe she could come in only a few short weeks and be completely healthy. Our lives are going to change forever and, even though I'm scared out of my mind, I can't wait. Here is my updated progress:

Ever since the morning sickness stopped (week 22), I have felt pretty great. Yes, I am big and it is not the most comfortable thing in the world. And yes, it is hard to sleep most nights. However, anything is better than puking every single day, so I count my blessings. A few weeks ago (week 32), my back started hurting really bad and few other things didn't seem right, so I called my doctor. I was told to go into Labor and Deliver to make sure I wasn't going into labor too early. Baby girl has always been sitting pretty far back and people have told me from the beginning that I will most likely have back labor. So, Peter and I went to the hospital and they did some tests to make sure everything was okay. It was kind of fun to get all hooked up and watch the baby's heartbeat. They told me that her heartbeat and brain activity were beautiful and that she looks like she is doing great. That made me REALLY happy! They also told me that I was having regular contractions, but they didn't seem to be dilating my cervix, so I should be fine to go home, but to come back if I feel any harder contractions. Since then I have been trying to take it easy, every time I feel contractions I go lay down and they stop after a little while. So, I am not too worried about it. Maybe this means that baby girl will be coming early (but not too early), I'm crossing my fingers for that.

In other baby-related news, I have been blessed to have some amazing people do some very generous things for me lately. I have had two baby showers, one thrown by my wonderful Aunt Cindy (with help from Peter's mom and sister) and that was so much fun!! There was wonderful food, fun games, and great company. My mom actually flew here from TN during that time so she was able to be there which was SO great. My mom got us the stroller you see in the above picture, and we are very, very grateful for that. We didn't get very many pictures of that first shower, but I did snag one of the food (shows what I care about most, ha).

Secondly, one of my besties Ashley and my cousin Merrick threw me a baby shower as well. Ashley hosted at her house and the decorations and food were fabulous. These girls know how to throw a party. It was so fun to see all my friends and family at these showers and we are so grateful for all the fun gifts we got. Baby girl already has way more clothes than I do. She is going to be SO cute and SO spoiled!! =D




Finally, as if she hadn't done enough already, Merrick took some maternity pictures for Peter and I. We went up the canyon, found a pretty field, and Merrick worked her magic. I initially wasn't going to do maternity pictures because I really didn't like the idea of taking pictures of myself when I weigh the most I have ever weighed and look the fattest I have ever looked in my life. However, people kept telling me that I would regret it in the future and that pregnancy is beautiful, so I caved. Luckily, we had a very talented photographer and I love the way they turned out. Thanks Merrick!! =D

I have the best family and friends ever, and I am so grateful for all the love and support we have had throughout my pregnancy. Even friends from TN have sent me gifts! I am so excited to welcome this baby into our home and learn all about being a parent. Peter and I are working on the nursery and I am excited to post pictures when it is all done. We just love this little girl more than I ever could imagine!!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


First of all, you should all read the post before this one because Peter is amazing and I am so proud of him!!

Secondly, I feel like since Peter shared what he has been doing these last few months and the feat he has accomplished, I should probably share what I have been working on these past few months as well. That's right, GROWING A BABY!!! =D

I am 25 weeks pregnant today. And yes I have been shirking my first-time motherly duties by not posting a picture and an update every single week on my pregnancy progress and the changes my body is going through. But honestly, I don't really want to broadcast all the changes my body has been going through, for your sake and mine. However, I have decided to treat you with a few pictures and a brief pregnancy update.

The Due Date:

December 20th. I am hoping the baby comes about 1 or 2 weeks early (wishful thinking, I know) just so she doesn't have to be plagued  with a "Christmas birthday" her whole life. However, by wishing for that I am setting myself up to go into labor while Peter is in one of his 3 hour law school finals. So, it's either potentially have the baby on Christmas, or not have my husband with me while I am in the hospital...

The Gender:

As you probably guessed by the "she" and "her" in the above section, we are having a little girl!! It seems like everyone knew it was a girl right from the beginning, even me. I have always had a feeling that is was a girl, so we were excited when we got that information confirmed. I think secretly Peter wanted our first to be a boy, but he refuses to confirm or deny it. Either way, I know he is VERY excited and he is going to be an amazing daddy!


The baby is doing great and that is the most important thing. Every time I go to the Doctor things seem to be exactly how they should be, so that is reassuring. However, I have not been as lucky. I have had morning sickness throughout my entire pregnancy so far. Everyone told me it should go away between 12 and 16 weeks, but mine decided to stay a bit longer. I had one ER visit because of dehydration. Other than that, I have just been taking a lot of Zofran and praying not to throw up in public places. I haven't had to rely so much on medication lately, so hopefully that supposedly beloved second trimester will start before the dreaded third trimester sneaks up on me.


For my first trimester I basically had to force feed myself. I hated the thought, smell, or look of food and threw up most things I ate anyways. However, once I hit my second trimester I started craving Pizza and YoZone (which I think went out of business...because it is completely empty now and we have no idea what happened =( ). Now, I just crave anything anyone mentions or anything I see on TV. If we pass by a doughnut store, I crave doughnuts. If I hear an add for a specific restaurant on the radio, I MUST eat at that restaurant. If I see a billboard with a picture of watermelon on it, I crave watermelon. It is really inconvenient and expensive.


Peter and I definitely have names in mind, however, we have decided not to broadcast our ideas just yet. Stay tuned and you will find out in due time what our little girl is going to be called.


Apparently, my placenta is right in the front of my belly creating a barrier between the baby and my skin. It is not in a dangerous place, thank goodness, but it is making it impossible for me to feel the baby inside of me. I have never felt her kick. I rarely feel anything at all. This means I am constantly worrying that something is wrong, and have mini breakdowns when people tell me I should have felt her weeks ago. Fortunately, my doctor visits help put me at ease for a few weeks and tell me everything seems to be okay.

Peter and I just moved from our small one bedroom apartment to a big two bedroom apartment in preparation for our addition. I am currently day dreaming about all the fun things I am going to do to the nursery and I am very excited to start decorating. We really like our new place and we are very excited to be parents, and terrified of course. However, I do love this little girl with all my heart and even if I don't feel ready to be a mom yet, I know she is meant to be in our family and I can't wait to meet her and welcome her into the world.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Aqua Triathlon-September 3rd, 2011

Yesterday I ran, biked, and swam my first triathlon.  It was my first organized race of any kind, never even having done a fun run in elementary or junior high (I was one of the eight kids who stayed inside and read).  I had a good time training for and finally participating in the event, even though I was not a stand-out competitor by any stretch of the imagination.  The following post is a description of my experience:

I always imagined that the event that would keep me from doing a triathlon would be the swimming.  I'd had periods of time in my life where I ran a lot, and others when I biked a lot, but ever since graduating from level seven swimming lessons, I hadn't ever really swum again.  So, back in March when I decided to start getting back into shape, I thought I might as well start swimming.  Its good exercise and as a BYU student I have free access to an "Olympic-size" pool.  I started swimming fairly regularly and eventually got up to swimming a mile at a time.  First mile swim experience here.

I started thinking that I might as well do a triathlon someday since I now had the swimming under control.  I was out running one afternoon when I saw a poster advertising the Aqua Triathlon at Seven Peaks Waterpark and the someday plans began to materialize.  I went online and found the course map which was only a few blocks away from where we were living at the time.  I could train for it by actually running and biking the real course.  I informally decided to do it.  I didn't formally register until the Thursday before the race.

Kortney and I got memberships at the Provo Rec Center since I wasn't an official BYU student over the summer.  I swam an average of 4 times a week.  I also began running the course which, although only being 3.16 miles, had quite a bit of climbing in the first half, leaving from the seven peaks parking lot and going as far as the Castle Ampitheater above the state hospital before looping back.  At first I was doing it in about 50 minutes (this included a fair bit of walking).

As the race approached I became concerned that I wasn't doing enough.  Since I didn't have my own bike, I switched the whole training to the rec center, where I would run 3.16 on the treadmill (with adjusted grade to simulate the real course) then hop on the bike and bike 12 miles (at level 13), and finally go jump in the pool and swim a mile (only the first seven laps were part of the triathlon).  The first time I did this I was exhausted but at least I knew I could handle the distance.  I did this whole sequence another 5 or 6 times before the race and got the run down to about 31 minutes, the bike to about 35 and the swim to about 12.

The week before the race I knew I needed to get on the bike I would use and actually go on the track.  On the Thursday before the race I borrowed my brother-in-law's girlfriend's dad's bike and took it on the course.  This was my worst work-out of the whole training.  The bike, although a nice road bike, could not shift gears. It was stuck in an easy, but not the easiest gear.  The course turned out to have a LOT of climbing.  5 climbs per lap, 4 of them being very substantial.  The gear I was in was very challenging to get up the hills but horrible to go down because it was so high that it did almost nothing on the way down.  On top of this, most of the streets we were to ride on were under construction, with the top ripped off and a very bumpy surface left exposed.  It made riding quite miserable.  When I finished the first lap, I hit a lip that separated the exposed surface and part of the road that had not been torn up.  It was dark and I didn't see it coming.  A mountain bike would have had no problem, but the road bike tossed me.  I landed on my wrists, cutting the palm of one hand and getting road burn on the other as well as my right elbow and knee.  The chain had also fallen off and gotten jammed and I was so close to just calling it a night.  My wrists were not broken or sprained, but they were swelling and were extremely sensitive, and I couldn't get the chain back on and I actually started walking the bike back to my car.  Thirty seconds into my dejected trudging I decided I needed to finish the course to prove to myself I could handle it.  It was much harder than an exercise bike on 13, and I was now very nervous for the race.  But at least I had finished it, and was mentally prepared for the challenge ahead.

I woke up Friday with my wrists being in a serious amount of pain.  I knew however that this would be the worst they would feel and it was all uphill (just like the race) from here.  Instead of working out on Friday, Kortney and I went to Pizza Pie Cafe to load up on carbs.  This was definitely the easiest and most enjoyable part of the training process.  We also went to Seven Peaks to pick up my race bib and packet and they wrote my race number, 180, on each of my arms in permanent marker, and wrote my age, 24, on my calf.  I thought this was very strange.  But this was my first official race so I just went with it.  Most of the people in line were talking about how this was their first triathlon and they were nervous/didn't understand how transitions were going to work/were convinced that they were going to finish in last place.  This made me feel better.

We woke up Saturday morning and I suited up.  I wasn't planning on it, but I decided to just go ahead and do the whole race in my swimming suit, to make the transitions easier.  I also wore my awesome new aqua triathlon t-shirt, my BYU Math sweat band, and some new $13 walmart shoes.  I definitely looked legit.

We showed up with about ten minutes to spare and people were milling all around.  I put my bike into the transition area and got my little area ready, pinned my racing bib onto my shirt, and got my timing chip and velcroed it around my ankle.  The race organizer announced that there were major changes to the course because of the construction and briefly explained them.  I didn't hear them very good but he said cones would be placed to make sure we found our way.  We then headed to the starting area.

The start was unbelievably unceremonious.  We were sort of milling around waiting for someone to give us directions when all at once we heard a loud "GO!"  That was it, our 3.16 miles of running began.  I was surprised to find out that they allowed iPods on the run portion of the race but was happy since I listened to music most of the time while running.  So I loaded up my go-to album, "Even If It Kills Me" by Motion City Soundtrack and headed off with the bunch.

There were over 300 people running and it was pretty crazy for a first-timer like me.  We started all clumped up and keeping a pretty similar pace but slowly we spread out into something of a line.  I made the first mile alright but I was pretty much done passing people by then and had settled into my pace.  I knew there was going to be a big hill in about half a mile so I was really trying to savor the flatter areas.  As we rounded a corner and towards the big hill, there were runners as far ahead of me as I could see, and when I looked behind me, there were runners as far behind me as I could see.  It was just about what I had expected, right in the middle.  We hit the hill and it was fun to see some people fall off their pace and start walking while I kept running past them.  The run course was altered slightly and actually added even more climbing, but I managed to run the whole time, despite being pretty exhausted at the top of the hill.  I knew however that there was only downhill from there, so I was ok.  We started winding back down off the hill and around the state hospital and within another 10 minutes I was at the transition area feeling pretty good about the run, and excited that the first event was in the books.  Kortney was there in the transition area to cheer me along as I grabbed my bike and headed off for the 12 mile ride.

The bike was the most disappointing event for me.  The changes to the course actually made the ride extremely easy, and cut out almost all of the climbing.  As we headed up 3rd south, almost as soon as the hill started getting steep, we turned onto a side street that was almost completely flat and made up most of the route.  I know I shouldn't complain because I knew how hard the route was, but with a bike that didn't change gears, at least I knew that I would be forced to pass people since I would be going in a lower gear.  As it was, I was passed quite a bit.  I couldn't speed up very fast because I would get to a point where I would sort of max the bike out, and pedaling no longer affected my speed.  Needless to say, I was passed quite a bit during the biking portion.  I sort of just accepted the situation and the bike ended up being kind of relaxing for long portions of it.  There was still one climb and there were some competitors who had to walk their bikes up and so I knew I had at least reached some level of fitness in being able to make it up with stopping, but I would have loved to have seen tons of people walking their bikes instead of just a couple.  Since it wasn't a full Olympic triathlon, I at least thought the challenging bike course would offer some credibility and prestige to my accomplishment, but the bike course really wasn't very tough at all.  When I finished the first lap and started the second, I was already congratulating myself that I had done it.  I had completed a triathlon.

I rode into the transition area and stripped down to my swimming suit.  I took a look at the pool, which is normally Seven Peaks' wave pool, and it was a madhouse.  They had cordoned it off into lanes that you snaked through and it was just jam packed with people.  Each lane was wide enough for two people and there were seven or eight lanes.  That was not exactly spacious for 300 people to swim through.

I ran over to the edge, waited for my turn, and jumped in.  I wasn't nearly as impressive as I had sort of imagined myself at the swimming portion, but I was able to get through it without stopping and even passed a few people.  It was hard though, there were so many bodies everywhere, people hitting you, bottlenecks in certain areas.  Kortney told me there were people in the water near me just sort of floating there.  I didn't see any of that due to my myopic desire to finish, but it didn't surprise me.  It was like sardines in there.

I was very breathless by the end and they made you run out of the shallow end of the pool to the finishing area where the timer would record your final time.  They described it as a "Baywatch run".  At first I was just walking through the water which was still hip deep but getting shallow fast.  Then I realized that this was the end of the race and I might as well finish it strong so I ran through the water and ended the race.


My final time was 1:26:29.  I had been hoping to be under 1:20, but I figured as long as I was under 1:40 I would be satisfied.  It was my first triathlon after all.  So, this time was both expected and satisfactory.  We stayed for the award ceremony which gave a plaque for the top three overall and medals for the top three in each age division.  I didn't take home any awards.  I was 34th in my age group (which was the most competitive to be fair, male 20-24), and 113th overall male.  46 women also logged faster times than me making me the 159th fastest participant at the 2011 Aqua Triathlon.  Like I said, right in the middle.

I enjoyed the experience a lot and hope to do a full length triathlon in the not too distant future.  Thank you to everyone who supported me in accomplishing this goal.  Especially Kortney.  I couldn't have done it without you.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Danish Design

Last week the blog started getting a strangely high number of visits from Denmark.  I didn't understand why but I wondered whether or not I could increase Danish readership by tackling the important issues facing Denmark today.

Apparently, all the action is in the Middle East because the Danish newspapers I looked up weren't really tackling big ticket issues.  One major headline was about how big a disappointment the Henning Larsens Tegnestue Opera House ended up being.  I guess when you're the happiest country in the world, there aren't many other things to complain about.

The most interesting article I read was about Danish furniture design.  It is currently undergoing something of a Rennaiscance.  I learned that Denmark used to be the most the world leader in innovative and futuristic interior design and in the 50s and 60s delivered some classic chairs.  Here were my favorites.

The Ant

The Grasshopper

The 7

The Womb

The Egg

The Swan

The Tulip

I showed these to Kortney and I told her that I thought it would be awesome to have a dining table with tulip chairs and some egg chairs for our living room someday.  Her favorite was the swan.

We looked online to see whether or not they would be easily available.

Guess how much one (1) new swan chair costs...


An Egg Chair?

Kortney and I moved into an unfurnished apartment in August with no furniture.  We spend a total of $130 to get all the furniture we needed.  That includes a bed, two bookcases, a dresser, a Lazy boy recliner, a church pew, a couch, two desks, a home entertainment center, two lamps, three end tables, two chairs and a kitchen table.  I don't think if we're ready to splurge on some authentic Danish furniture yet.  But maybe someday.

To learn more about Danish design today, here is the article

Monday, May 2, 2011

Item #20

I have never been much of a vandal.  I've always seen acts of vandalism in a somewhat romantic light, as if they were rights of passage or little acts of public art, but I do not have a vast portfolio of which to boast.  Even when I joined the notorious gang The Wellingtons freshman year, our acts of vandalism were of a mostly benign and whimsical nature.

So imagine my surprise when Kortney suggested that we toilet paper somebody's house.  She was living in TN and I was in UT and when we would email back and forth, we would add an item to a growing list of things that we were going to do once we were reunited in Provo.  She added #20 TP Somebody's House 

Once she had moved back, we started chipping away at the list.  We would have done more of the list if more of the items had been "make out" and "watch TV" but we did do about half of them before leaving Provo and as of today we have done about 2/3rds.  Anyway, one day after we had been married about a month and a half, we got ambitious and decided to start tackling the list again.  After checking off a simpler item, we turned our attention to #20.

"Who has a house?"

"My brother and sister-in-law do, but they live in Eagle Mountain, and there's only like one little tree in their front would be lame"

"Your parents have a house..."

"That's not happening"

Then we had a stroke of genius.  Two of Kortney's former roommates had moved into a house on 9th East.  It was loaded with trees in the backyard, and best of all, they would never suspect us because of one essential fact.  Married couple do not go toilet papering.

We stayed up until about 2:30am and we headed out, dressed in black, adrenaline pumping, to live out the adolescent troublemaking we had missed out on.  We parked across the street, carried our ammunition with us, and set to work.  I believe we had 48 rolls of toilet paper with us.  If you aren't familiar with toilet papering, rest assured that it is enough to do a good job.

We spent about 35 minutes in the backyard of the house, launching toilet paper rolls through the trees and having a grand old time.  No wonder this was so popular I though to myself, this is a blast.  I proved myself very adept at it and lamented that if only I had started earlier in life, I might have had a chance to go pro.  Alas, it was too late now (there would be almost no way to hit the magic 10,000 hours that Malcolm Gladwell   holds as the necessary time for expertise.)

I took on the tall trees and Kortney took on decorating the ground level objects like the car in the driveway and the posts of the porch overhang, and once we were done, we were very pleased with our work.

We drove home through the empty streets of Provo, seeing as it was four in the morning and we headed up to our apartment.  Once inside we prepared for bed and I realized I did not have my phone with me.  I had a bad habit of leaving it in the car and I was pretty sure it was there.  Kortney was less sure and wanted to go back to the scene of the crime and make sure we hadn't left such an incriminating piece of evidence.  I assured her that it was impossible.

About 70 minutes Nicola and Jamie woke up and looked out the window.  Needless to say, they were shocked.  They began to mentally line up all the boys who might have been responsible.  They stepped outside to assess the damage, mentally calculate how long it would take to undo what was done.  And right at that moment...


My phone's alarm went off!  There it was nestled in a soft little bed of TP.  It took them all of half a minute to figure out who the culprits were.

Two hours later we awoke to a text on Kortney's phone that said "When are you guys gonna come over here and clean this up?"  After feigning ignorance for a few texts, they revealed their hand and told us they would be holding my phone hostage until we cleaned the whole yard up.

When we went back to the site of the crime, we realized that we might have done too good of a job.  It was like the reverse of the parable of the young man who marries the daughter of a wealthy merchant who wishes to start his son-in-law's budding career as a contractor off to a great start and commissions a huge, beautiful house.  The young man soon the old man does not care about the cost and quickly starts to cut corners, use sub-par materials, and hire underqualified workers so that he can pocket the change.  When the house is done, the father-in-law announces that it is to be the newlywed's home.  He then has to live with the drafty creaky house for the rest of his life as a reminder of his dishonesty.

We on the other hand, would have had the greatest home on the planet if we had been building a house instead of vandalizing one.

We spent the next two hours or so returning that yard to its former glory.

Believe it or not, this was our last time TPing.