Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Danish Design

Last week the blog started getting a strangely high number of visits from Denmark.  I didn't understand why but I wondered whether or not I could increase Danish readership by tackling the important issues facing Denmark today.

Apparently, all the action is in the Middle East because the Danish newspapers I looked up weren't really tackling big ticket issues.  One major headline was about how big a disappointment the Henning Larsens Tegnestue Opera House ended up being.  I guess when you're the happiest country in the world, there aren't many other things to complain about.

The most interesting article I read was about Danish furniture design.  It is currently undergoing something of a Rennaiscance.  I learned that Denmark used to be the most the world leader in innovative and futuristic interior design and in the 50s and 60s delivered some classic chairs.  Here were my favorites.

The Ant

The Grasshopper

The 7

The Womb

The Egg

The Swan

The Tulip

I showed these to Kortney and I told her that I thought it would be awesome to have a dining table with tulip chairs and some egg chairs for our living room someday.  Her favorite was the swan.

We looked online to see whether or not they would be easily available.

Guess how much one (1) new swan chair costs...


An Egg Chair?

Kortney and I moved into an unfurnished apartment in August with no furniture.  We spend a total of $130 to get all the furniture we needed.  That includes a bed, two bookcases, a dresser, a Lazy boy recliner, a church pew, a couch, two desks, a home entertainment center, two lamps, three end tables, two chairs and a kitchen table.  I don't think if we're ready to splurge on some authentic Danish furniture yet.  But maybe someday.

To learn more about Danish design today, here is the article


  1. an egg chair for under $6,000 is a steal.

    - from a Danish visitor

  2. That might have been a little more believable if posted anonymously.