Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I learned something this year...if you are not single or you don't have kids, Halloween is kind of lame. As I see it, there are only two types of things to do on Halloween: go to a Halloween party to dance and pick up on the opposite sex (for single people, of course), or go to your ward Halloween party to trunk-or-treat (for kids). I'm sure there are some really cool newly weds throwing fun parties out there, but I guess we missed all of those. So, Halloween rolled around and I was really excited to find a fun costume that utilized my HUGE belly...but then I realized, even if I found an awesome costume, I would have no where to wear it. To top it all off, I learned that Peter was scheduled to work on Halloween night and I knew for sure that this Halloween was going to be VERY uneventful.

But you know me, always making the best of things. Ha. My work was having a little Halloween themed treat day, so I decided I was going to take advantage of the situation and use this Halloween to try some of the fun Pinterest treat ideas I have found. Doing this made Halloween much more fun for me, even though it might have made me that much more of a loser, considering I had nothing better to do on Halloween then make pinterest treats. But they are just so dang cute!

First, I finally made the Owl Cupcakes I fell in love with at first site:

Then, I decided to give these creepy, cute Halloween Snakes a try:

These were both a HIT at work, and really fun to make. The snakes took a bit more time then I expected, but the Owls were really fast and easy. And it was good to finally complete some of the fun things I have found on Pinterest instead of just imagining myself being crafty. I actually made a ribbon wreath for baby girl's room, too...I will have to post pictures of that later. Ultimately, my Halloween wasn't awful after all, and it was all worth it to see Peter go off to work dressed like this:

Isn't he cute?? =D If you didn't know, Peter is now a HOTT waiter!! He recently got a job a Carrabba's and he is just doing GREAT!!

I hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Halloween!!


  1. cute idea! the owls are so cute. I can remember when your mom and I were prego with you and Ashley, we took your brothers, Tyler and Miles trick or treating to the mall. They were dressed as clowns in costumes we had made, I think it was a Relief Society activity. But anyway, in the mall we walked into a store that sold medical uniforms. Both of us were big prego like you (you due first of Nov and Ashley around Christmas). When we walked into the store, the girls were so embarrassed to come give our boys a treat. They were dressed as BIG prego nurses. It was kinda funny. I'm sure your mom remembers.

  2. Where oh where did he get that?!?!

  3. Hahaha! That costume is HILARIOUS!

    Oh, and great job on your two little treats! So cute!

  4. Peter's mom made it of course. HaHa.