Monday, October 1, 2012

9 Months

This month has been so fun! You are just learning so much and growing up so fast. The most exciting highlight of this month has to be TEETH!! Your first two bottom teeth popped through, FINALLY!! I was beginning to think you would never get teeth, so I was very excited to see them!

Another thing I just love, is that you have started waving and saying "hi". It is the cutest thing EVER!! You just flirt with anyone you see. You wave to them and say "hi" and they think you are the cutest baby on the planet (which you are)! You have also started clapping! This is something I have also been waiting for, I just think it is so cute when little kids clap. Even though you don't really make any sounds with your clapping yet, it is still adorable.

Our apartment is all one level, so we don't have stairs. However, your grandma and grandpa's house does have stairs, and since grandma and grandpa watch you a lot, your new obsession is climbing up stairs. You can't climb down them yet, so you can imagine that climbing up them is a scary thing for mommy to watch you do. The other day daddy was helping you learn to climb up the stairs and he was a little too far away and you fell down three stairs. You did not get too badly hurt, but it was such a scary thing. Now that you are older and trying new things, we need to watch you so much more carefully.

Your personality blossoms more and more every month and it is so fun to watch. You are such a good baby and we love experiencing your growth and development. You know exactly what you want and you want to try to do everything yourself. We love you so much baby girl!

Underneath is a picture that illustrates how hard it was to get a good picture this month (that's why her monthly picture, above, is a blue steel kind of face). HaHa. Isn't that just the cutest, sadest little face you have ever seen? =D

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  1. I feel the same way about trying to get a picture of Jameson smiling... Not the easiest thing! I need to see this cute girl sometime soon!