Thursday, August 23, 2012

8 Months

8 MONTHS OLD! Wow. This month has been busy, busy, busy! And to go right along with that, you are such a busy, busy baby. You are moving and wiggling non-stop, sometimes I don't think I can keep up with you (I can't imagine what kind of toddler you are going to be).

You learned how to crawl this month, yay! However, if there is something that you want and it is really far away, you will crawl a few feet then plop back down on your belly and scoot to it. For some reason you think scooting is still the fastest way to get around. But as the days go on you crawl more and more and more. You have also started pulling up on furniture (oh my), which means you fall down and bonk your head a lot. :(

Your communication skills are developing more as well. You started saying "dada" this month after daddy spend an ENTIRE day saying it over and over to you. Now you say is all the time. You still say "mama" but only when you are sad and crying, you say "dada" when you are happy and playing...I don't quite know what that means. :)

Since you were 1 month old you have been watching Baby Signing Time and I have been using sign language with you. Since then daddy and I have been so excited for you to learn your first sign, and this is the month it happened. You can sign "milk" now! We love watching you sign it, even if you sign it all day long for things that have nothing to do with milk, we still love it! We are excited to see which signs you start using next.

You are still sleeping great! You love soft, fuzzy blankets and stuffed animals and you will not go to sleep unless you have your green fuzzy blanket. You love your binky and sometimes I catch you playing 3 binkies at once. You love flapping your arms and you get excited about everything. We went on a 2 week long vacation this month, and you were such a good traveler, we were so proud of you. You got to see Uncle Tyler and Aunt Landan get married and you looked so cute in your wedding party dress. You went to your 5th state capital this month, your 13th state, and Canada. You are such a great baby Eleanor and we feel so blessed to have you! We love you so much!

Look at her standing up!! I can't believe she is getting so big! Getting a good picture was so difficult this month because Eleanor just does NOT hold still. Seriously, she wont hold still for 2 seconds. However, that makes for some funny pictures, even if they wouldn't work for her monthly picture I thought I would share them anyways. She just cracks me up! =D



  1. Oh my heavens, she is looking like an honest to goodness CHILD now, not a baby. Can't wait to see you guys soon!

  2. She has changed SO much since I've seen her last! And when did she become a blonde? She is so cute!!!

    We really need to get together soon...