Monday, January 9, 2012

What the $200?!

I recently got a free baby magazine in the mail. I don't even remember signing up for anything like that, but whatever. Inside the magazine there was a coupon for a free photo session and 10x13 portrait from Sears. I didn't think much of it at first, but then I saw some pictures on facebook of someone who got their babies pictures done at Sears and they were pretty cute. What the heck? It was free. So, I decided to call and make an appointment.

Besides getting the free stuff, I wasn't planning on getting much else. However, I thought if I REALLY liked some of the pictures, I would just pay to get them on a disk and then I could print them out later.

The appointment was scheduled for Thursday at 6pm. I brought a few outfits for her and some bows and hats, I washed her hair and got her all ready in her car seat and we were off. One thing that I have learned since having a baby is it takes twice as long to get out the door as before, and it is twice as much of a hassle. So we get there and Eleanor is dead asleep and will not wake up for anything. Finally, I coax her awake with a bottle and we are ready to take the pictures...the camera breaks. Yes, the camera at Sears Portrait Studio just breaks. They tell me we will have to reschedule after they can buy a new camera.

That Saturday we do it all again, and this time the camera is working and Eleanor is actually wide awake and happy, which is great. We take the pictures and it was really fun. It takes them a total of 10 minutes to edit the pictures and then they call you over to look at them. Some of them were pretty cute, so I just ask "How much would it be to get some of these on a disk?" and her response "$200 for a disk of the pictures, or $25 each shot". I was shocked! How on earth can they charge that much just for a disk of pictures?

Needless to say, I did not buy any of the pictures besides the free one that I already got with the coupon and one other print. However, they put all the shots on their website so you can view them and order them later if you want. So, I decided to put my favorites on here, despite the "Sears Portrait Studio" written all over them. Enjoy! =D


  1. She is such a doll. And $200 is seriously so insane.

  2. Yes, they do that. I remember taking my kids in, and falling in love with all the pics. Then I had to choose. That is one reason I am trying to get into the photography business. BUT!!! I will not be charging outrages prices...I will be very reasonable!