Sunday, April 24, 2011

End of Law School Year 1

I finished my winter semester finals this week.  Next time I go to class at the law school, it will be as a 2L.  My last exam was for civil procedure and it was literally the hardest test I've ever taken in my entire life.

Law school in general is hard and it will be nice to have a break.  I have an externship this summer working for a firm in Orem called Franchise Foundry, learning all about franchise law.  I am actually really excited about it.  I want to get some real world experience and see what it is like.  People are always asking me whether or not I can see myself practicing law based on my law school experience.  I have no idea.

What we do on a day-to-day basis is not what lawyers do on a day-to-day basis, and we are constantly reminded of this by the attorneys and guest speakers who come in to give us lectures.  So, I am excited to move on to phase two of law school, where I can do something real and see what that is like, and then be able to make my own schedule and study things that I think are interesting.

I think that I would really enjoy learning about trusts and wills and estates, I also think disaster law sounds really interesting and I also plan on studying more about the Constitution, maybe 1st ammendment or 14th ammendment law.

The problem with the first year is that you don't get to choose your courses, and the courses you take are these huge broad subjects that you can barely get an overview of before the semester ends.  Torts, Contracts, Criminal Law, etc.  However, during both of the finals that I have now passed through I realized how much I really did learn and how I really do now have a certain global sense about how these things fit together.  Overall, I feel like I am where I should be at the end of my first year, but I am no closer to knowing where I want to be at the end of my third year.  I am just grateful for the chance to have access to such a quality education and I feel blessed to have a bright future.

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