Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sculptures Part 1 of 3

Well, Kortney and I are back in Provo and are very busy indeed. Hence, blog neglect. We have tons of fun pictures from things we did this summer, and we are still trying to have adventures when time permits, but its harder to let all of our many followers about them. Little by little, I am hoping to recap some of our favorite St. Louis moments and then move on to our lives in Provo.

One thing that St. Louis was loaded with was art. There was a world class art museum (which we never went to) as well as many other smaller venues and tons of public gardens with lots of sculptures. We went and saw quite a few of them and got to be self-proclaimed sculture buffs. Three sculpture venues stood out as highlights of our artistic summer. This post is about the first, The Laumiere Sculpture Park:

We learned about this park from roadsideamerica which touted its giant eyeball as a must see attraction. Well, it definitely was:
According to roadsideamerica, the artist who made this eyeball has now made a second version of this same statue that is four times this size and sits in a public park in Chicago.
Kortney will probably not be pleased that I put this picture online, but oh well. This sculpture was pretty interesting to look at, however if you look carefully you'll see a bright red pillar sculpture in the back, we liked that one more, but I don't have any better pictures of it. This sculptor did a related sculpture in Citygarden that we liked more, so stay tuned for that one.
Some people who looked a lot like tibetan monks were sharing the Park with us. Kortney did not want me to take any pictures of them but I did this one from a distance so there was no awkward moment.

This was definitely one of our favorites. It was a very interesting visual. It seems effortlessly metaphorical (our lives are like a tangled knot that will never separate itself). We sat and talked on this sculpture for a nice while.
So much metaphor was going on on our walk around the park. Here we have the roots, just like the roots of our new family that we are trying to grow. This was an awesome sculpture to look at.

One of these was tiny, and one of them was huge. Thanks to Kortney's expert manipulation of perspective, they appear to be the same size. Are you tripping yet?
And that was our trip to Laumeier Sculpture Park. Oh the memories!

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