Friday, April 20, 2012


Eleanor had her 4 month doctor's appointment yesterday. She is doing great and right on track with everything which made me really happy! =D I had heard that it was recommended that babies wait until they are 6 months old to eat solids. I always planned on giving her solids before 6 months, but I didn't think the doctor would talk about solids at her 4 month appointment. However, he recommended that we start introducing solids into her diet. Eleanor has been really interested in "big people" food for a few weeks now, and we have put a spoon in her mouth a few times to see if she would push it back out with her tongue and she didn't, so I knew she was ready. So, today I went out and bought some jars of baby food and some rice cereal. This is how it went:

I think she was a little confused and skeptical at first...

But in the end she did great, and she was happy and full!! =D

I also have a video of her first reactions to the cereal...but for some reason it wont let me upload I will try to add it later, it's pretty dang cute!!


  1. It's so funny how things change. When I was a baby (a loooooong time ago) the docs said to start solids early. Then, when ya'll were little it was, "Wait til they are at least six monts!" I started all four of our kids early. Now it's back to early solids...

  2. Adorable pics! I love how wide her eyes were at the beginning. She is such a doll.

  3. Looks like she really enjoyed it!