Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eleanor's Baby Blessing

Sunday (February 19th) was a wonderful day for our little family. First of all, it was Peter and I's two year anniversary! I can't believe it has already been two years. Secondly, we had Eleanor blessed at church. It was an amazing day filled with happiness, family, and friends! Peter gave Eleanor a beautiful blessing and it was so fun to celebrate with that blessing with the people we love.

Sometimes it is really hard to get a 2-month old to take a happy picture. Even though she is not smiling in any of these, she is still super cute!! =D

I promise, she really is a happy child!!

I LOVE the yawning picture! She is such a doll.

After the blessing we had a little lunch back at my apartment. Thank you to Ashley, Erika, Tyler and especially Kathie (Peter's mom) for all your help with the lunch! It turned out really cute and really yummy!! Thank you so much to everyone who took time to come to Eleanor's blessing, we really appreciate it. And to those who weren't able to make it (mainly my family) thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers, we missed you. We love you all!


We had a table with sweets, pictures and little things related to Eleanor's life so far. That is her very first cast...I can't believe she has grown so much already!

Thank you Janssen for the cute garland idea!
Idea from: this blog via pinterest

We used her cast as the guestbook for everyone to sign. It makes it much more colorful and fun! =D

Eleanor is such a blessing in our lives. She has the sweetest little spirit and bring us so much joy. I can't imagine our lives without her and I am so glad we are blessed enough to raise such an amazing little girl. We love her so much and thank Heavenly Father for her every single day.


  1. oh, how cute to do it with pictures of your baby! I'll have to remember that for Ella's next birthday.

  2. So darling! The lunch looks amazing...sorry we had to miss it, but so glad we could come for the actual blessing. She is such a little princess!

  3. The decorations are so adorable! I wish we could have come over afterwards - I just knew Jameson needed a nap... I'm so glad we were able to finally see her! She is so beautiful! And happy 2 years to you and Pete!

  4. So fun to see these darling pictures...and it is so fun to see you enjoying her so much. Hope everything works out with her foot. Happy 2 year anniversary - has it been that long?